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ICB loves Blaseball the game, but we've always been more about what it means to be fans and a part of the community than the game itself.For ICB episode 100, we want to celebrate that and have on as many people as possible!Episode 100 is going to be a call-in show! Everyone who wants to participate can send in a short clip, and we'll be listening and reacting to these as part of episode 100.

Your Call

To participate, please record yourself using the following format:

1. Introduce yourself and say your team(s)2. Surprise question! You get to incinerate one player, who's your pick?
β€’ This one's optional - feel free to skip it.
3. What has been your favorite moment of Blaseball?
β€’ This can be something that occurred in or out of game.
β€’ Talk about how it made you and/or your community react.
β€’ Give enough context that someone familiar with Blaseball but new to your team could understand what you're talking about.
4. What is something you want to see in the future?
β€’ Be specific.
β€’ If it's unrealistic, we don't care! This is a hype-allowed zone.
β€’ Feel free to reference current coronation era events, but this isn't a prediction, its a dream ✨️
5. Add a message to ICB or the entire Blaseball community!
β€’ This is also optional.

Your clip will be played as a call in, so feel free to repeat the question as part of your call (so as an example, you can say "What am i hoping for in the future? WelI, I think I want to see more JT...")We are expecting the average call to be about a minute or two long, but don't worry if its longer or shorter, as long as it's under 3 minutes.


Here is an example:

"I'm Feather, and I'm a Tacos and Garages fan. I would incinerate Goobie Ballson a second time, wherever he is, because the Tacos really need runs right now. My favorite moment in blaseball was in the expansion era, when uncle plasma suplexed a consumer! everyone was so tense and nervous watching the Worms plummet down the density chart, and we had been waiting for the whole detective storyline to resolve… to see it pay off in a way that saved the Worms, fought the consumers, and added badass wrestling was absolutely triumphant. What do I want to see in the future..? I think I want to see wills come back so I can make more shitposts in #voting-pitches and we can finally steal bevan wise's shoes. I guess that means I also want items back? If that doesn't happen I'd like to see McDowell hit a grand slam sometime. Anyway, I'm amazed we've made it to episode 100 and I'd like to thank the rest of the crew for sticking with me for all this time."

And here is shorter but equally perfect example:

"I'm Test Bobson, of the Default Team. My favorite moment was when Alyx Pineapple got incinerated! I still think about them sometimes, and even started a fic. In the future I'd like to see more weird plot stuff to get obsessed with. Go Default!"


1. Record your audio following the above prompts.2. Export it as a .wav (ideal) or .mp3. Please name the file with your name/handle, like "feather_ep100.wav"3. Finally, upload your audio file to this google form.

We'll be recording Episode 100 on February 5th, so the deadline for submissions is February 4th, 11:00 PM Pacific


Can I swear?


How long do I have?
When are submissions due?
My brain is a blaseball and I don't know what timezones are anymore?

This link contains the deadline in your local time, as well as a handy countdown clock.

I don't have a good mic or I might have background noise.

That's fine! This is a call in show, so we don't expect perfect or even good audio

I don't know how to record audio!

If you're not sure what program to use, we use Audacity. A guide to recording in audacity is hereIf you don't want to download a program, there are slightly sketchy websites that let you record and save through your browser.

I only have a phone, is that okay?

A phone recording is fine too! We haven't researched what apps to use yet, but if you get stuck ping us and we can help figure something out

Can I write in?

Yes! We're trying to get lots of voices, but if you want to participate and can't record for any reason, send one of us a DM with your message and we'll read it on the ep.

Where do I upload the audio?

⏬ ⬇️ here is the upload link! ⬇️ ⏬
⏫ ⬆️ πŸ§… πŸ‘» πŸ’™ πŸ“Œ 🌌 🌠 πŸ› ⬆️ ⏫

What if I don't have a google accout?

Contact us and we'll figure out an alternative upload (probably email)

I have other questions or need help!

Reach out to one of the hosts - our DMs are open and we can help you out! You can find us at featherwings#3879, WillofChris#6129, KarpskryparN#2963, and Gary#7675